Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Immediate Release: Jason Finn named Five Star Professional in Chicago Magazine

The October 2011 issue of Chicago Magazine announced Jason Finn as a Five Star Professional Real Estate Agent in the city of Chicago, commended for integrity, communication, and customer service. [Full article.]

Chicago magazine and the organization Five Star Professional conducted a survey of clients, peers and industry experts to find the best of the best.

They surveyed:

  • Chicago area residents who purchased a home priced at more than $150,000, between December 2009 and December 2010.
  • 10,000 subscribers to Chicago magazine.
  • 250 mortgage and title companies.
  • The final list of 2011 Chicago Five Star Real Estate Agents is a select group, representing less than 2% of real estate agents in the area

  • The 2011 Five Star Real Estate Agents do not pay a fee to be included in the research or on the final list

  • Each real estate agent is screened against state governing bodies to verify that licenses are current and no disciplinary actions are pending. A panel of industry experts reviews the list before it is finalized. Safeguards are built into the review process to reduce the ability to influence the final list on basis of company affiliation.

  • The inclusion of a real estate agent on the Five Star Real Estate Agent list should not be construed as an endorsement by Five Star Professional or Chicago magazine

  • The research process incorporates a statistically valid sample in order to identify the real estate agents in the local market who score highest in overall satisfaction. Real estate agents are not included on the list unless their score is statistically valid.


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Adam Smith said...

Congratulation for this great achievement.
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